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Storm & Tornado Safety On The Road

May 08, 2019

Being a Midwest carrier, we’ve seen a number of tornadoes strike across the country causing incredible damage to homes, businesses, schools, farms and roadways.  We have seen devastating injuries and fatalities as a result of these powerful storms.  The Veriha Safety Department have put together a few safety tips to help keep you safe should you encounter a tornado while out on the road.
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Disc Brakes - Faster, Shorter, Safer

Sep 21, 2018

This year we are receiving tractors & trailers that will have disc brakes versus drum brakes. This change not only brings you faster service installs, it will make our units even safer with shorter stopping distances. Below is some general information to get you familiar with disc brakes. 
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Driver Appreciation Week

Sep 14, 2018

Everyone at Veriha appreciates everything that each and every one of you do: the long hours, being away from home, and the dedication to safety. In our continued efforts to ensure that you are not only appreciated for your commitment but also compensated we have updated six areas of our pay package that are effective starting Sunday September 9, 2018.
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5 Reasons to Get Your Class A CDL

May 8, 2018

Though each CDL classification has its own merits, there are five reasons to make a Class A CDL your top choice, starting with pay and the number of employment opportunities.
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