How to Fuel a CNG Truck


Are you new to CNG trucks? Worried the fueling process is too complicated? We can give you the run-down and make sure you can fuel a CNG truck seamlessly.

How to Fuel a CNG Truck

  1. First, ensure your parked truck is in neutral and that you set the parking brakes before beginning to refuel.
  2. Next, locate the emergency pump shut-off switch, which is typically adjacent to the pumps. In the case of an emergency, pressing that button will stop the compressed natural gas from flowing. 
  3. After that, you can open the door to the fill receptacles. Take the dust cover off the receptacle that fits the nozzle. 
  4. Once that's done, put the appropriately sized nozzle into the receptacle and turn it clockwise until you feel it lock. After it's locked in, the pump will read your truck's pressure. 
  5. Then, pay appropriately and follow the subsequent prompts on the pump correctly; prompts such as selecting your hose. 
  6. The pump will let you know when it's ready to begin fueling. Once it does, activate your lever and start fueling. 
  7. It might sound like it'll fuel and pause at random intervals as you're fueling. Don't worry, that's normal! And once your truck is at the 3600 PSI, it'll automatically stop. 
  8. Once stopped, you can go to the pump and flip the switch to the stop position. Then, go to the nozzle, rotate the connection device until it comes off the receptacle, and safely stow the nozzle back on the pump.
  9. And finally, double-check the gauges above the receptacles to ensure your PSI is at 3600. 

This process should take anywhere from 10-15 minutes. 


What else should I know?

  • You can find a red manual shut-off lever behind the door with the receptacles. 
  • Your CNG truck's tanks also have a valve you can open and close, meaning that if there were a leak in one of the tanks, you could isolate it in case of an emergency. 
  • Also, when encountering CNG trucks, you might be concerned about them being a fire hazard. You can rest assured that is not the case. The pressure relief valves built onto the tanks make it so that when heat builds in the tanks, heat will safely emit from the tank. 
  • Sometimes in the winter, your PSI might think the pump is stopping less than full. That's normal, but your tank is indeed full. 

We hope this made you feel more confident in fueling your CNG semi-truck. Want to get a better look at the process? Check out our YouTube video “How to Fuel a CNG Truck” to watch Jason from Safety show you exactly how it's done


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