Tire Failures


Tire failure can be the result of a multitude of things. Let's go over how they happen and what they look like!

Tire Failures

What causes tire failure?

  • Having an underinflated tire. To avoid this, check your tires during your pre-trip inspections and, if possible, ensure your auto-inflation function is turned on. Or else what's shown below might happen to you. Uh oh!


  • Unnecessarily turning while on railroad tracks. As displayed under this, doing so can take a whole chunk out of one of your steer tires. Yikes!

  • Not checking for cap separation. Sometimes cap separation is visible, and it's crucial for you to catch. If it's not, the retread can entirely blow off a tire, as pictured below. A rubbery-retread-alligator flying off in the road is dangerous. For you and the driving public.

  • Driving with frozen brakes. Rust and ice can get on the brake drum and stop tires from rolling. Driving with frozen tires can push tires to the scary-looking state visible below. Checking for frozen brakes is simple. Just use anti-skid devices or s-turns. Your tires will thank you!

Tires issues are expensive and time-consuming. Everybody can take steps to treat tires with care-including you! Start today by sharing this info with friends, family, or fellow drivers.

Never wanna doublethink that weird pull from the side of your truck? Check out our YouTube video " Tire Wear Patterns and Failures to Watch For "!


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