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Veriha Trucking provides transportation solutions in 48 states and parts of Canada. Our fleet of 250+ drivers mainly travels throughout the Midwest and Northeast for a variety of customers and industries. Today, our trucks haul everything from paper products to groceries, produce, pet food, auto parts, and much more.

Industry Affiliations

Transportation Solutions

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Veriha Trucking’s primary capacity offering and core density resides within the Midwest and North East– Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Missouri.

Entertainment Division

Veriha's Entertainment Division was born from a passion to provide solutions for those in the entertainment industry, by partnering with those who have extensive touring knowledge.

Compressed Natural Gas

Since 2012, our fleet of 28 CNG tractors has been serving our dedicated customer accounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois. Equipped with a 12 liter engine, these tractors can travel up to 650 miles on a single tank of fuel.

3PL Freight Management

Quadway combines Veriha’s knowledge of the industry with the technical resources needed to bring capacity solutions to our customers utilizing a network of qualified, reliable carriers.

Veriha Trucking Careers

At Veriha Trucking, we believe in hiring the right people, providing professional training, and creating a positive working environment. That is our promise to our employees, and when we deliver on our promise, we all succeed!

We are looking for safety-conscious, hard-working truck drivers to work together with our leadership team to provide our customers the best VIP service possible.

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