2023 Cascadia Freightliner Top Three Safety Features


Want to feel assured that semis are safe? After you read these three 2023 Cascadia Freightliner safety features, we promise you will.

2023 Cascadia Freightliner Top Three Safety Features

  • The Lane Assist Package. The Lane Assist Package includes Steering Assist and Keep Lane Assist. Steering assists is a gearbox addition that aids with the easiness of steering. Keep lane assist uses cameras to monitor the fog and center lines while in cruise control. If the cameras sense the driver is veering, they will automatically correct the steering.
  • LED Load Lights. These load lights shine curbside and roadside. The brightness they provide will help pre and post-trip inspections run smoothly.
  • Side Collision Radar. This radar system detects objects in the driver's blind spot and provides a complete visual down the entire length of the trailer. It will preventatively hit the brakes before the tractor or trailer encounters the object.

Still not sold? Watch our YouTube video "2023 Freightliner Cascadia Truck Tour" to get the full scoop!

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