Automatic Tire Inflation Tutorial


At Veriha Trucking, we put safety first. And if we want to keep our drivers safe, we need to maintain the condition of your tires. One feature that can significantly aid in keeping your tires in good condition is an Automatic Tire Inflation System (ATIS). Not sure what that does or means? That's cool; we'll fill you in!

Automatic Tire Inflation Tutorial

An ATIS keeps the air pressure in your tires at a constant 100 PSI. One of the system's key components is its' control box, located underneath the trailer. This control box, pictured below, features an on-and-off valve that the driver can easily access. This allows you to quickly and easily shut off the system in the event of a failure, such as a hose leak or a broken cross tee.


ATIS Control Box
ATIS Control Box



Even with the system turned off, the trailer will still be fully functional, allowing you to continue using it until repaired.

When the system is in the "on" position, the valve faces toward the trailer's passenger side or curbside.

To turn the system off, flip the valve, so the handle points towards the back of the trailer. This will shut off all air to the auto inflation hoses that go to each wheel.

Should the system leak or a line break, check valves are in place to prevent the tire from completely deflating. Thus, the system is legal to pull, even if the system is off and needs repairs.


In summary, automatic tire inflation systems are a great way to keep your tires in good condition and ensure that your trailers are always ready to hit the road. Maintaining your tires has never been easier and safer with an Automatic Tire Inflation System's easy-to-use control box in place and check valves.


Watch our YouTube video for all details ---> Automatic Tire Inflation System Tutorial


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