How to use a TriPac & Bunk Heater Combination


Do YOU know how to use a TriPac and bunk heater in a Volvo truck? Using these systems can be very easy. Still, it is crucial to understand the different features and functions they offer to use them effectively. So let this blog be your guide!

How to use a TriPac & Bunk Heater Combination

To start, let's go over the bunk heater. You can control the bunk heater by using the buttons located on the control panel. To turn on the heater, press the "Menu" button shown below several times until you see "heat" pop up on the display above it. 

Control Panel Menu Button

After that, press the "on" and "set" buttons highlighted below. 

Control Panel "On" and "Set" Buttons

Then, you can adjust the temperature using the knob. The control panel also includes options for adjusting the fan speeds to distribute air throughout the cabin to your liking. 

Note: Be patient! It may take time to warm up.

In addition to a bunk heater, we will discuss Thermo King units known as TriPacs. A TriPac is a device that charges the batteries in the truck and can also provide heat and air conditioning without running the engine. The TriPac will automatically begin charging the batteries when the voltage drops too low. To manually start charging the batteries, press the button on the control panel shown below to switch the TriPac to standby mode. 

Then, press or adjust any of the other Thermo King buttons to start the TriPac. The control panel has AC, fan, and heat options.

When the weather is warmer, and you no longer need the heater, you can turn it off by pressing the bunk heater’s "Menu" button, navigating to the "Heat" option, and selecting "Off." 

Similarly, you can turn on the air conditioning by navigating to the "AC" option and turning it up to the desired level. Again, the Thermo King unit will start and run continuously while the AC is turned on.

Finally, to shut down the TriPac, you can turn off the key or hold the control panel's button. 


Properly using the combination of a TriPac and bunk heater in a Volvo truck is not only simple, but it'll also spoil you for life! You'll never want to drive another tractor without one. 


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