Ways Truck Drivers Can Maximize Earnings


Have you ever wondered how activating the Veriha accessorial earning options might add up over time and what the impact could be to your personal income?

If so, you’re going to love this short article!

Ways Truck Drivers Can Maximize Earnings

Let’s discuss how, as a Veriha VIP, drivers can maximize earnings by activating different accessorial pay options.

To help demonstrate how quickly accessorial options can add up, we created a driver’s scenario below.

For starters, Base Pay is the foundation that driver’s earnings are “based” upon.

From an accessorial pay standpoint, Weekend Start Pay creates an additional $.03/mile of income if you are able to work a schedule that starts on Fridays or Saturdays!

Remember that Short Haul Pay adds an additional $.02/mile if your load is less than 400 miles.

And if the haul delivers into Chicago, or the NorthEast, drivers earn an additional $.03/mile of Congestion Pay for loaded miles.

What if you happen to deliver between 10 pm and 4 am, and it’s not a multi stop load, AND you arrive on time?

Boom! Here comes a $100 Nighttime Delivery Premium!

And finally, if you’re hauling a hazmat load, you just earned an additional $.05/mile!

Now, if all these accessorial options had been triggered during a 350-mile load:

Base Pay: $.45/mile
Weekend Start Pay: $.03 x 350 miles = $10.5
Short Haul Pay: $.02 x 350 miles = $7.0
Congestion Pay: $.03 x 350 miles = $10.5
Nighttime Delivery Premium: $100
Hazmat Load: $.05 x 350 miles = $17.5
Total: $303 for this load which equals $0.86 per mile!

Of course, not all loads will trigger every single category, but clever drivers will take advantage of accessorial options because the increased income adds up quickly!

Driver Call To Action: Work hand-in-hand with your Fleet Leader to create your ideal balance of availability and loads ensuring maximum annual earnings.

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