Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting a Trucking Job


Driving a truck, for many people, is a childhood dream job – what kid doesn’t want to be behind the wheel of a big rig? Cruising down the road and traveling throughout the country.

Truck driving is an excellent career choice in a thriving industry, however, there are at least four things you should know before taking a trucking job.

Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting a Trucking Job


Check out these four things that drivers wish they had known before taking a trucking job:

  1. Safety always comes first
  2. Even when you’re by yourself on the road, you aren’t alone
  3. You’ll have to be flexible with your schedule
  4. Driving is mentally tiring

Let’s take a closer look at each.

Safety always comes first.

You’ll always be thinking about safety.

On the road, it’s not necessarily your driving that you’ll worry about; it’s the other drivers who zip in and out of lanes, cut off trucks (which is incredibly dangerous for everyone involved) and slam on their brakes because their vehicles can stop quickly (while yours can’t).

Accidents can happen, but you’ll do everything in your power to avoid them.

Even if you’re by yourself on the road, you’re part of a bigger team.

Unless you’re team driving, you’re going to spend some time by yourself in the truck – and it may be quite a bit of time.

There will still be a list of people you’ll be communicating with regularly to make your job more successful:

  • Your Fleet Leader
  • The Safety Department
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • The list goes on!

Effective communication with all the internal and external “customers” in the delivery process is important, and the better you communicate, the more successful you’ll be.

You’ll have to be flexible with your schedule.

Choosing what’s best for you involves adjusting your schedule to meet personal needs. That includes meeting your pay needs, which can sometimes involve working more hours or hours that you’re not used to working.

The more flexible you are with your schedule, the more money you can make as a truck driver! Sometimes that means sacrificing time at home or working hours you’re not used to working to grow your family income.

At Veriha, we understand the importance of a work-life balance and we guarantee our drivers a minimum of 48 hours at home a week.

Driving is mentally tiring.

While there are physical elements of the job, you are mentally tired at the end of the day. Driving takes you being on consistent alert to expect the unexpected. While the motoring public becomes more and more distracted with technology, it is up to you to have heightened awareness.

You are watching traffic for following distance, trying to not get stuck in lanes in between traffic, and ensure you are driving safely in all weather conditions.

When you let your guard down, that is when accidents happen.

Bonus: Driving has unexpected bonuses.

While driving isn’t for everyone, there are some unexpected bonuses.

  • It is financially rewarding.
  • You get to see and interact with people all across America.
  • You are moving America forward. Our shelves would be empty without truck drivers. There is a sense of purpose with each load you haul.


Veriha Trucking is passionate about our industry and our drivers so we are always looking for excellent team members.

If you’re thinking about finding a trucking job, whether you already have a Class A CDL or not, we may be the ideal choice for you. Learn about the Veriha Training Apprenticeship and job opportunities for experienced truck drivers today.

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