Veriha Recognition - Pins


We are excited to launch our first 3 pins in our Veriha Pin Series! These pins were created in an effort to recognize YOU, our drivers, in a visual way that you should be proud of! Our hope is that you wear these pins with pride so that we can recognize you for your contributions when we see the pins! Read below about each pin and how you can get your very own!

Veriha Recognition - Pins

To join our Veteran wrapped tractors we are introducing our Veriha Values Veterans Pins! Echoing the design of the decal that is placed on every veteran’s tractor, this pin is a visual representation of Veriha valuing your service to our country. We know freedom because of your sacrifices and service and are forever grateful that you made the decision to serve. We hope that you wear this pin with pride so that we can honor all that you have done for us, and our country.

To receive your pin please see Alyson Cirilli or Tricia Olson on the lower level of the Marinette building. Don’t have a decal for your tractor? Let us know and we will get you one at the same time!


Do you remember the pride of getting your Class A CDL? Knowing that you accomplished something that so few people set out to do? Knowing that you will keep America moving by delivering the everyday products on shelves across America? This pin is awarded once drivers go into their co-driving phases. The co-drive phase signals that the trainee is ready to go solo and this pin will signify that they are ready to hit the road.

Already past this phase through our Apprentice program? Please see Alyson or Tricia on the lower level of the Marinette building!

Without our trainers we wouldn’t have an Apprentice program! This pin was created to recognize the hard work that goes into becoming a Veriha Trainer! Our trainers must not only demonstrate in-depth knowledge of what it takes for a trainee to earn their Class A CDL but be patient, kind and understanding while training. They also are providing all the tricks and tips from all their years of experience so that the trainee is successful once they go solo.

To receive your pin please see Kyle McDonald in the Veriha Training Center! Interested in earning this pin? Talk with Kyle on what it takes to become a trainer!

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