How Much Money Does a Truck Driver Make?


"How much money does a truck driver make?"

That's one of our most frequently asked questions when people are interested in driving for Veriha. The average rates are higher than the U.S.'s median income, and when you account for per diem pay and benefits, truck drivers make an excellent wage.

How Much Money Does a Truck Driver Make?


Truck driver salaries can vary quite a bit. In fact, depending on the company a driver works for, salaries can vary as much as 35 percent between drivers with similar experience levels and driving records. On average, though, a truck driver makes about $59,252 per year. That average includes first-year drivers, those who transport hazardous materials and independent contractors, so it makes sense that individual salaries can vary dramatically.

When you calculate how much truck drivers make, you have to account for differences in companies, niches and job descriptions. Some companies offer payment only for time behind the wheel, while others pay for drop and hook time, load time and stops. Additionally, drivers who haul different types of loads will receive different pay; carrying sand is quite a bit less risky than carrying corrosive liquids across the state or across the country, and you can expect pay rates to reflect that.

How Are Truck Drivers Paid?

While many companies pay drivers by the mile, others pay an hourly rate or a daily flat rate. The areas in which a driver works, as well as the company he or she works for, also impact how much money a truck driver makes. Pay-per-mile is the most common way drivers earn money, and many companies offer incentives and bonuses for safety.

Many truck drivers also receive per diem pay, which varies between companies.

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How Can Truck Drivers Earn More Money?

Like any other job, the more experience a truck driver has, the more money he or she can earn. Drivers with high-demand licenses, such as those that allow them to transport hazardous materials, may make more money than drivers with standard CDLs do.

Drivers can look at companies’ different extra pay programs. There could be an increase for things such as starting on a weekend or slip seating. Having extra flexibility could add up quickly.

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If you’re considering becoming a truck driver but you don’t yet have a license, you could qualify for the Veriha Training Academy or the VIP Truck Driving Apprenticeship Program. If you do have your license, you could be eligible for the Veriha Driver Finishing Program or the CDL Refresher Course – or you could dive right into one of our CDL driving opportunities.

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